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          Upcoming Events and Exhibitions

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          Surrey Residents Open Day

          4 May

          Day Course: Moon Jars

          11 May

          Study Days: Moons: Science, Myth and the Visual Arts

          13 May
          17 Jun

          May Half Term

          25 May
          2 Jun

          Volunteer Open Day

          25 May

          Watts Cinema: A Trip to the Moon and Hidden Figures

          7 Jun

          Talk: Shakespeare and the Moon

          12 Jun

          Art for All

          14 Jun
          30 Jun

          John Frederick Lewis

          9 Jul
          3 Nov

          The Artists' Village - Tourist Destination of the Year 2018-19

          All the information you'll need to plan your visit today. Including our opening times, how to find us and our admission prices.

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          Plan your visit

          Take a look at Watts On with our latest exhibitions, seasonal events, tours, talks, courses and workshops.

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          What's On

          Book tickets to visit the Artists' Village, as well as looking at our upcoming talks, workhops and tours.

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          Tickets & Memberships

          Discover our history, enjoy our permanent collection of paintings and sculpture and explore our woodlands and architecture.

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          The Artists' Village

          Discover more about the life and works of the founders of Watts Gallery, G F and Mary Watts.

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          The Watts Story

          G F and Mary Watts founded this unique place. Today we continue to share their story and welcome you to engage, be inspired and create.

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          Watts Gallery Trust

          Eat, Shop & Contemporary Art

          Stocking a wide range of goods, from a variety of art books, to gorgeous clothing and bespoke handmade crafts, the Shop is the perfect place to find a present for anyone in the family or an indulgent treat for yourself.

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          The Shop

          The Tea Shop provides fresh, English seasonal food made on the premises and served by our friendly staff. The Welsh rarebit is what we are famous for

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          The Tea Shop

          Discover Affordable Art.

          Work by emerging and established artists that resonate with the heritage and ethos of Watts Gallery - Artists' Village.

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          Watts Contemporary Gallery

          Latest News

          Tea Shop Recipe: Spring Courgette Soup

          26 Apr

          Environmental Sustainability

          26 Apr

          Mary Watts & the Compton Pottery

          17 Apr